The 4Competition Coalition Mission

This coalition believes consumers deserve more choices, not fewer. Lower prices, not higher. Better service, not worse. In every category, the Sprint/T-Mobile merger as proposed is on the wrong side of this divide. The Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission should reject it.

Letting these two companies combine would reduce American consumers’ wireless choices from four to three. The combined company would have significant new incentive and ability to raise prices and preemptively stamp out competition from newcomers. And the merger would result in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in the process.

Sprint and T-Mobile claim that the deal is necessary to keep America competitive in a 5G world and would be a blessing for rural consumers. But the companies’ statements are contradicted by their own filings. The truth is this merger offers no credible benefit for rural consumers and is unnecessary for achieving America’s 5G future.

We have seen this movie before. When competition is eliminated, consumer welfare and the public interest go out the window. And we’ve already seen it play out in wireless, when other countries approved four-to-three mergers that led to clear consumer harms.

Our regulators should protect competition and uphold the public interest by blocking this deal as proposed.

Coalition Members